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Une nuit à Gros Cap


 "Une Nuit à Gros Cap" is a striking modern work of art that emerges from the "Nightscape" collection. This acrylic painting captures the essence of a memorable night during a vacation in the Magdalen Islands. The artist, inspired by the dazzling celestial beauty, immortalized this unique experience.


At the heart of the work, the Milky Way unfolds majestically in the dark sky, forming a cascade of twinkling stars. The color palette is imbued with nocturnal nuances, from deep indigo blues to the silvery reflections of the stars. A distinctive silhouette of Gros Cap emerges below, adding a terrestrial dimension to the composition.


“Une Nuit à Gros Cap” offers the viewer a window into a precious moment where nature and the cosmos meet harmoniously. This work embodies the magic of nocturnal contemplation, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the captivating splendor of the starry night in the Magdalen Islands.


Format: 18x24'' 

Medium: acrylic paint

Finish: Ultra gloss varnish on the sea section and satin varnish on the Cape and the sky. Both finishes provide depth to the work. 

Year of production: 2023


Une nuit à Gros Cap - artwork

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