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By Mélyna Leclerc, modern fluid painter

The “Tree of Life” collection pays homage to the majestic beauty of trees and the energy that they express. Each painting in this series features a Tree of Life that infuses the premises with great vitality.


In the pieces of this series, I often paint on wood panels while leaving a part of them natural and untreated in the bottom—where the roots are—to highlight our connection to that very element.


Trees, with their vast networks of roots, express stability and groundedness. When looking at trees, we can easily forget that there is an equally large and important part of them that is hidden beneath the soil—but we can’t overlook it when contemplating these canvases! Roots water and nourish life above the soil and participate in the balance that makes life possible.


For me, trees are also sources of wisdom, love and acceptance. They bring me back to the here and now. They are a connection to the timeless present. The forest behind my home is in fact a place of revitalization and inspiration that continually renews my relationship to the woodland and fauna.


Our societies today are unstable, and our personal lives are often confronted to the shifting circumstances of early 21st century. Contemplating the trees in this collection can contribute to nurturing and maintaining qualities of groundedness and wisdom within us and thus provide a calming effect in times of instability.

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