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By Mélyna Leclerc, modern fluid painter


The mixed media pieces of the “Crystalline” collection are inspired by crystal geodes—those amazing cathedrals of sparkling stones. The series make use of acrylic paint, real crystals, resin crystals as well as crushed tempered glass. Some of these paintings also feature background lights that illuminate the depths of the translucent materials in use. The effect is totally magical!


I have always been attracted to things that shine and have been collecting stones and crystals since I was a child. Later, as an artist, the idea came to me to combine these two elements that I love so much: acrylic paint and minerals!


Some of these art pieces have been created on wood panels with holes in them to produce different depth effects. I sometimes endeavour to recreate the insides of geodes. In other cases, agates at the forefront are illuminated by lights in the background. Some of the pieces also feature reliefs of crystals on their surfaces.


Illumined pieces make use of powerful and custom designed LED lights (turned on and off wirelessly by remote control or a switch), lithium batteries with long lifespans or AAA batteries.


As far as the real crystals are concerned, I mainly use white quartz. Several other types are also employed such as smoky quartz, pink quartz, green aventurine, citrine, tiger’s eye, aquamarine, agate, and different types of geodes.

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