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By Mélyna Leclerc, modern fluid painter


Invite the magic of the night in your home with the “Nightscape” collection. This series came about during an experimental painting session when suddenly, the realm of the night and its landscapes took shape before my eyes.


Having always had a very strong connection to the moon, I thus launched myself into the creation of art that pays homage to the beauty of the night and the divinity of the lunar celestial body.


Technically, these pieces make use of two types of finishes: the landscapes are matte while the skies are glossy—which creates an effect of depth and gives to the night a luminosity that will enchant the rooms where these paintings are displayed.


The night is pure magic—we can easily forget it when living in urban centres. This collection gives life to the fantastic and the enchanting within and brings me back to those sleepless summer nights when I would contemplate the Milky Way. I very much want to share this enchantment with you!


Here’s an idea: Use these visual pieces during your active meditations! Meaning, engage in meditation with your eyes open and stare at the moon in the painting. She will then become your guide in your inner journey.

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