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From Mélyna Leclerc, modern painter

Gentle, refreshing, inspiring, the “Aquatic” collection features water and a lot of blue in a myriad of undulations that appease and renew one’s spirit. The fluidity of the paint—itself poured onto the canvases—potently evokes the natural movements of the “blue gold”. 


Being an adept of underwater diving, the marine world is utterly fascinating to me. Its depths constitute another universe altogether—one that holds much mystery. What do we even know about it? This unknown fuels my creativity and the marvels that are found within it captivate my whole being. Underwater, I become totally “Zen”—no one can break those moments of hypnotic delights that I channel back into this collection.


I have also always been protective of water. Even though it is abundant in certain areas, it is not an infinite resource. Having lived in Costa Rica during a drought has made me particularly aware of this: I never knew if I would have access to drinking water. 


These art creations seek to depict the precious and vivifying character of water. They invite one’s gaze to dive into their flows and connect us back to self in a fresh way. Without water, we can’t exist—it is the source of life.

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