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Collection Cosmos
De l'artiste peintre Mélyna Leclerc


From Mélyna Leclerc, modern painter

Being my only collection entirely painted by brush and airbrush, the “Cosmic” collection is inspired by real photos of outer space from which I allow my imagination to drift while in trance. It is the meeting of the real and the imaginary. Travel through vast vistas with the canvases from this series—to contemplate them is to access infinity.


The cosmos, an infinite mystery, is “where I live”. I have always been fascinated by this vastness of which we know a lot about… but at the same time know so little! Its energetic and life-harbouring potentials are only equaled by the incredible beauty that it features: galaxies, nebulae, planets, moons and other celestial bodies…


I have a close connection to the cosmos. I don’t paint people or animals, but outer space I do understand! It was initially a collection that I made for myself—I needed to recreate the cosmos—and I am delighted to share it with you.

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