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By Mélyna Leclerc, modern fluid painter


Very colourful, semi-abstract and inviting personal interpretation, the “Fluid” collection conveys the very essence of my slogan “The art of traveling into new universes”. With each piece—entirely unique, as are life and nature— we journey into vivid and marvellous imaginary worlds.


These canvases give life to our individual symbolism and will facilitate your venturing into your own inner self. The more we contemplate these creations, the more we see new shapes from which new meanings emerge. In creating this collection, I put forth my vision, but you complete it with your interpretation. It is a treasure hunt inside fractal universes!


The pieces within the Fluid collection, like the ones from my other series, are poured and reworked once dry. Adding details with brushes, markers, metallic sheets, and dry pigments allow me to realize my full vision for each of these artistic expressions.

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