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Canadian painter inspired by nature and freedom

Melyna Leclerc

Being quite outgoing and colourful by nature, I have long been exploring ways to express my personality without filters. Art has allowed me to grow, to learn and, above all, to accept myself as I am. It eventually became the framework within which I could give free rein to my creativity. Since then, I have been continuously inspired by my life experiences and my travels. Nature and outer space are my main sources of inspiration–they are true masterpieces that broaden my vision to create something bigger than myself.

Mélyna Leclerc artiste peintre quebecoise art abstrait

I am a visual messenger. I interpret emotion, thought, desire, and make them visible, seeking their purest form. We are all free beings but too often stuck in the frameworks that society imposes upon us. My art allows me to break that rigidity and inspire people to be who they want to be, without restraint. My canvases are colourful, eclectic and brilliant–and for a reason! I want to take you into a universe where you too can feel free. Ultimately, I want you to see something that you have never seen before.

My pieces are abstract, made with spontaneous gestures and inspired by the “Action Painting” movement. I use acrylic paints mixed with a variety of other mediums. These are poured directly onto the work surface. The colours I chose are vibrant, contrasting, bright and colourful. The reactions between the paint and the products used create the magic in my art. There is something unique about each part of a piece: an area will be smooth, fluid and vaporous, while the heart of the canvas will be strewn with structured cells, contrasts and movements. Once the pouring is done, I like to work over the wet paint with a spatula in order to create more movement and structure to put forth the message the work is meant to convey. Once the paint is completely dry, I add depth using brushes, fine lines, gold or silver leaves. The end result of my work is shiny and lustrous, instantly captivating the eyes and allowing the viewer to enter deeply into it.

When you acquire artwork from me, you are getting a lot more than a painting. You welcome into your home a vibrant source of energy that I invested a lot in. Even as I create with intention, the interpretation of the piece remains yours. It is your perception and developing relationship with it that bring you into the discovery of the message the art piece contains for you. That’s the beauty of abstract art!

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