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At the heart of the Universe


Nothing is more fascinating than the cosmos and all its mysteries. Space has always aroused increased curiosity in me. This is the subject with which I am one. A close union between the work, me and the galaxy is created during its creation.


At the heart of the Universe is my vision of a world without limits, without judgment, where people are not afraid to live fully and listen to their  heart.   


Format: 20x24 '' on stretched cotton canvas, gallery style 1.5 '' in profile. 


Color: Black, Crimson Red, Blue, Turquoise, White


Medium: Acrylic 


Finish: Several coats of high gloss varnish with UV protection.


Year of production: 2021

Heart of the Universe

  • In Canada: Free shipping

    In the United States: Shipping costs are 75$ CAD

    Outside Canada and the United States: on estimate

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