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Copper Night


“Copper Night” is an intriguing semi-abstract artwork from the “Nightscape” collection. It offers a striking spotlight on the splendor of the moon and the majestic power of the mountains. In this artistic composition, the landscape transforms under a night sky, inviting observers to introspective contemplation.


Copper hues and deep shades capture the mystical essence of the night, while the silver glow of the moon illuminates the contours of the mountains, creating a mesmerizing contrast. “Copper Night” embodies a visual metaphor, emphasizing how the beauty of the landscape, much like our own perspectives, evolves through experience. This work of art offers an invitation to explore the richness of emotional nuances and transformations that occur in the quiet darkness of night.


Format: 12x24'' 

Medium: acrylic paint

Finish: Ultra glossy varnish on the sky section and satin varnish on the mountains. Both finishes provide depth to the work. 

Year of production: 2023


Copper Night - original artwork

  • In Canada: Free delivery

    In the United States: Shipping costs are $80 CAD

    Outside Canada and the United States:on quote 

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