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Root your ideas


This captivating work from the “Tree of Life” collection encourages deep reflection on the balance between our boldest aspirations and our deepest desires. The tree, in the center of the composition, symbolizes our spirit, and the points of color surrounding its crown evoke our ideas. They penetrate the aerial part of the tree, representing our spirit, thus emphasizing the importance of welcoming our thoughts with kindness. To realize these ideas, we must let them descend within us, to our deepest essence, symbolized by the roots of the tree. The analogy highlights that if we are grounded in our beliefs, our ideas can travel and combine to create something great. An invitation to cultivate our dreams and desires on a solid foundation so that they can flourish and prosper.


Size: 15x30''

Medium: acrylic paint and mix media on gallery canvas, 1 1/2'' profile

Finish: Several coats of ultra-glossy varnish

Year of production: 2023


Root your ideas

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