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Spirits of the Forest Triptych


A special offer is offered to you if you wish to collect the triptych of the spirits of the forest! Get a $130 discount on the purchase of the complete collection.


The "Tree of life" collection is inspired by the beauty, strength and stability of our friends the trees. They are the basis of my creative process. They are my guides and help me a lot to stay connected on earth. This collection is to pay tribute to them and sincerely thank them for everything they have given me.


Format: The spirits of the forest 2 and 3 - 12x24'' The spirits of the forest 3 - 18x24''

Medium: acrylic paint

Finish: Several coats of high-gloss varnish

Production year: 2022


Les esprits de la forêt Triptych

  • In Canada: Free shipping

    In the United States: Shipping costs are 70$ CAD

    Outside Canada and the United States:on estimate 

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