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The artwork "Pink Blossom", created in acrylic in a semi-abstract style and utilizing fluid art techniques, masterfully captures the softness and beauty of spring flowering trees. Inspired by the vibrant nature of this season, the piece unfolds delicate shades of pink and white that blend harmoniously.

Fluid and organic forms seem to move across the canvas, evoking the graceful movement of branches laden with petals. The contours of the flowers are suggested by sinuous lines and splashes of color, imparting a sense of liveliness and dynamism.

"Pink Blossom" transcends realistic representation to express a more abstract essence of springtime beauty. It is a visual meditation on the fragility and magnificence of nature, captured through fluid movements and gentle colors that evoke a sensation of calm and deep contemplation.


  • Size: 24x20 inches
  • Medium: Acrylic paint and mixed media on gallery canvas, 1 1/2-inch profile
  • Finish: Multiple layers of ultra glossy varnish
  • Year of Production: 2024

Pink blossom

  • In Canada: Free delivery

    In the United States: Shipping costs are $75 CAD

    Outside Canada and the United States: upon quote

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