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Explore functional, sustainable art with abstract acrylic skin coasters, designed from a creative recycling process. Each piece begins by collecting the acrylic paint poured on my work table, dried and delicately peeled like plastic wrap, then recycled to give life to unique mini works. The gold background, from leftover metal transfer sheets used in my artwork, adds a touch of elegance.


These fragments of metal sheets are transferred to ceramic squares, where the recovered acrylic pieces are artistically arranged. Then, each ceramic tile is meticulously covered with several layers of resin. The non-toxic, food grade resin provides glossy protection while resisting the heat of a hot cup. However, it is strongly recommended not to place hot dishes straight from the oven, as the heat could mark the surface.


A piece of cork is attached to the back of the ceramic tile to provide protection to the surfaces it will be placed on and to add a non-slip property.


Easy to maintain, clean them with a damp microfiber or mild cleaning product. These mini abstract artworks are versatile and can also be used as trivets, candle holders, plant holders, soap dishes, and much more. Unleash your creativity and add an artistic and practical touch to your daily life!

UpCycle gold, blue, turquoise and yellow coaster

  • 10,5x10,5 cm

  • gold, blue, turquoise, red and yellow

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