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Won't stand down


"Won't stand down" is a captivating work from the nightscape collection, created in acrylic. The color palette is dominated by dark, deep hues, evoking the mysterious tranquility of starry nights. The artist has beautifully captured the beauty of nighttime landscapes, highlighting the power of the elements.

At the center of the work, a tormented sky reveals the grandeur of nocturnal storms. The lightning creates luminous arabesques, highlighting the majesty of nature in action. The dark clouds seem to dance to the rhythm of the winds, creating an atmosphere charged with energy. The starry skies contribute to the visual balance of the work, providing a mystical glow to the darkness.

The artist expressed a personal vision of thunderstorms as a powerful manifestation of natural energy. Throughout this work, storms are not a source of fear, but rather of admiration. The nuances of the acrylic reveal the duality between the wild force of the storm and the striking beauty that emanates from it.

This work of art invites the viewer to contemplate the splendor of nighttime landscapes and embrace the haunting power of storms, transforming a natural scene into a captivating artistic experience.


Format: 24x36''

Medium: acrylic paint

Finish: Ultra gloss varnish on the sky section and satin varnish on the mountain section. Both finishes provide depth to the work.

Year of production: 2023


Won't stand down - orignal artwork

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