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Contemporary Fluid Art Painting

The art of traveling into new universes. 

bella rosa

Immerse yourself in the creative universe of Mélyna. Discover modern abstract art in a whole new way.


Do you have a specific request? Fill out the personalized order form and Mélyna will create the painting you dream of. 

les esprit de la foret 1

Discover the online store. You will be able to find the original artworks available as well as prints and derivative products.

Mélyna Leclerc artiste peintre art abstrait

Melyna Leclerc

Quebec painter

Being very outgoing and colorful by nature, I have often searched for a way to express my personality without filters. Art has allowed me to grow, to learn, but above all, to accept myself as I am. I then chose to be free to create. Since then, I have been inspired by my life experiences and my travels. Nature and the cosmos are the nourishment of my inspiration. They are a pure masterpiece. They help me broaden my vision and create something bigger than me.

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